Inside The House

  • Remove clutter from all rooms in the house.
    The more personal nik-naks etc. you can remove the bigger and tidier the rooms will look. Consider storing these in the loft or garage, after all you will be moving house anyway.
  • Clean all windows to allow as much light in as possible.
  • In the summer open the windows and allow fresh air to circulate.
  • In winter ensure the heating is on and the house feels warm.
  • Turn on lights to make the rooms brighter.
  • Thoroughly clean the house.
    Especially the kitchen and bathroom, and vacuum all carpets.
  • Tidy up kitchen utensils and pans.
    Store these in cupboards where possible. Viewers like to see a clean washing up area and sparkling sinks.
  • Make sure the bedrooms are tidy and that beds are made and look fresh.
    Put clothes away in wardrobes etc.
  • Children’s toys should be tidied up where possible.
    You don’t want your viewers to trip over them.
  • Try to omit odours e.g. pets, smoking, cooking oil.
  • Smoking can significantly reduce the price you get for your house.
    Try and smoke outside if possible, empty all ashtrays and preferably remove them for viewings and try and eliminate odours.
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee, bread, or lemon can all be helpful.
  • Fresh flowers can also create a nice aroma and brighten a room.
    The right smell on entering a property is essential.
  • Clean the windows and door at the front of the house.
  • If the paint is chipped on the doors consider repainting.
  • If you have a car on your drive ensure it is clean!
  • Clear any rubbish or untidy bins from the front.
  • If you have gates see they are in good repair.


  • Pets can also significantly reduce the price you get for your house, consider carefully where they are free to roam in the house and try to clean up after them as far as possible. Remember your buyer might not love your pets as much as you!


  • If you have gardens, keep lawns cut and flowerbeds tidy. The garden will look larger!
  • Clear up any pet droppings.
  • Remove any rubbish, bricks, timber and other unwanted items from the garden, take them to the tip.
  • Ensure boundary fencing is tidy and in good repair where possible.
  • In the summer hanging baskets and potted bedding plants always add colour and charm to your garden, and you can take them with you when you go.
  • Many garages are so cluttered it is hard to get in, if yours is like this see if you can tidy it and perhaps get rid of unwanted items.

On The Day Of Viewing

  • Try and leave internal doors open, it creates a feeling of space.
  • Point out the features that attracted you to the property.
  • Look out recent council tax, water rates, electricity and gas bills and have them to hand. Buyers may often ask about this.
  • If you have had any new appliances such as boilers, central heating put in recently, have receipts or any guarantees to hand.

For more extensive improvements consider the following which may have a dramatic improvement at minimal cost

  • Touch up white gloss paintwork that may be chipped.
  • Consider repainting rooms where the paint is tired, discoloured by smoke, cooking, age etc.
  • Very tired or worn carpets may be worth replacing or cleaning.
  • Outside loose gutters or drains, cracked paving, or damaged fencing shouldbe repaired where possible.

First impressions are very important! – Tidy the front garden if you have one.

View From Back Of Cottage
Outside House
Inside Cottage - Kitchen
Outside Cottage