We offer three fee options to suit your budget. We keep our fees transparent with no hidden charges. Our customers save on average over £3,000 on traditional agents fees with some saving as much as £10,000!  We DON’T tie you into long contracts.

Option 1 – £900 fixed fee + VAT (£1080 inc VAT)

NO COMMISSION TO PAY – Just a simple up front fee of £900+VAT (£1080 inc vat). This is by far our cheapest (and most popular) option for those who seriously want to sell.

Option 2 – 0.5%  commission + VAT (0.6% inc VAT)

With this service you pay an upfront registration fee of £500+vat (£600 inc vat). You then pay us a commission fee of just 0.5% of the sale price which is only payable when we sell your property (total fee 0.6% commission plus £600 including vat).

Option 3 – 1.0% commission + VAT (1.2% inc VAT): no sale – no fee

This unbelievably low rate is on a no-sale no-fee basis. If we don’t sell your house you don’t pay us a penny and there are no upfront fees.

Fees are based on a sole agency agreement. Upfront and registration fees are non refundable.

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Prices based on sole agency agreement. Prices exclude VAT. If you instruct multiple agents you are liable to pay more. Terms and conditions apply.
* Based on typical agent’s commission of 1.5% – some agents charge even higher! Prices shown for typical agents include VAT at 20%